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Below are five stocks owned by billionaire investors, each of which the investor involved has projected to double in price, or better:

1) Hertz (HTZ) – Billionaire Barry Rosenstein, head of the activist hedge fund Jana Partners, recently said at an investing conference that he believes Hertz shares could triple in price. Rosenstein said Hertz could buy back as much as 20 percent of its shares, which would double earnings per share and cause the stock to triple.

2) Monsanto (MON) – Billionaire Larry Robbins of the hedge fund Glenview Capital Management recently said Monsanto could be worth as much as $250 to $300 a share, which would mean a return of 100% to 150% from its share price today.

3) Navistar (NAV) – Billionaire money manager, Mario Gabelli recently said on CNBC that Navistar should double. He expects the truck maker’s business to improve as the economy improves. Billionaire Carl Icahn also owns a huge chunk of Navistar, almost 20% of the company.

4) Nuance (NUAN) – Icahn owns almost 19% of Nuance, and his son Brett Icahn is on the company’s board. The legendary billionaire activist investor tweeted that he believes Nuance, the creator of the Siri voice for Apple, could triple in price.

5) Platform Specialty Products Corporation (PAH) – Billionaire activist hedge fund manager, Bill Ackman, owns more than 22% of Platform Specialty Products – squarely in the driver’s seat. Recently, the CEO of Platform said in an interview that he believes PAH will sell for $200 a share one day. That would be more than a 600% return from its share price today.

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Yesterday, billionaire hedge fund manager Barry Rosenstein, of the activist hedge fund Jana Partners, said that Hertz ($HTZ), the largest rental car company in the U.S. should triple in price. Rosenstein is taking a page from Icahn on two fronts: 1) Using the media to promote his message, and 2) calling for a stock buyback.

Rosenstein’s fund owns more than 8% of Hertz. And Carl Icahn owns 10% as well. Altogether, hedge funds own more than 50% of the Hertz, even as the stock has dropped nearly 25% over the past six months. Rosenstein said Hertz will be able to buy back as much as 25% of their stock, which should juice earnings and cause the stock to triple in price over the next year.

With two of the best billionaire activists in the world controlling almost 20% of Hertz, this stock is a must own stock for investors in 2015. You can see in the chart below, the stock has based just above $20. Icahn owns most of his stake above $28.

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Over the past week, I received hundreds of emails concerning Carl Icahn’s announcement that he took an 8% position in Hertz (HTZ). We know Icahn has already publicly stated he wants to actively engage with Hertz management and its CEO, but there has been no word about Icahn pushing Hertz to merge or sell itself.

Here is why: First, regulators would never approve a Hertz-Avis merger. The two entities represent too large a share of the industry. It would essentially be a monopoly. So a merger with Avis isn’t happening — at least in my opinion.

Though, given the quick 25% run up in Family Dollar (FDO) last month after Icahn forced a merger with Dollar Tree (DLTR), it’s easy to see why investors are hoping for a similar result. Clearly, people don’t want to miss out on the next FDO. On that note, you can read some great analysis of the Family Dollar deal, where my partner and I predicted the merger and picked the bottom in Family Dollar stock (read that here).

But again, this is not going to happen with Hertz. Icahn and numerous other investors are long Hertz. Hertz is actually one of the most popular stocks owned by top billionaire hedge fund managers, because it’s a pure play on the improving economy, and rental car companies have lagged airlines in terms of raising their prices.

So many hedge funds are betting on Hertz increasing its prices, like the airlines did last year, and they are betting that demand will continue to improve with the recovery in the economy. It’s that simple.

Also, this is not a classic Icahn play. He typically comes into a deeply depressed stock selling near its 52-week low or multi-year lows. Icahn purchased Hertz near the stock’s all-time high.

But what Icahn is doing is playing his “change” card. He has recently laid out his evidence, based on his history as an activist investor, of how replacing a CEO is a powerful catalyst for producing shareholder wealth creation. And one of his fellow shareholders in Hertz is already at work on that strategy: Fir Tree Partners is pressuring the board to oust the CEO.

Will Meade
President of The Billionaires Portfolio