Billionaire Activist Says Hertz $HTZ Will Triple



Yesterday, billionaire hedge fund manager Barry Rosenstein, of the activist hedge fund Jana Partners, said that Hertz ($HTZ), the largest rental car company in the U.S. should triple in price. Rosenstein is taking a page from Icahn on two fronts: 1) Using the media to promote his message, and 2) calling for a stock buyback.

Rosenstein’s fund owns more than 8% of Hertz. And Carl Icahn owns 10% as well. Altogether, hedge funds own more than 50% of the Hertz, even as the stock has dropped nearly 25% over the past six months. Rosenstein said Hertz will be able to buy back as much as 25% of their stock, which should juice earnings and cause the stock to triple in price over the next year.

With two of the best billionaire activists in the world controlling almost 20% of Hertz, this stock is a must own stock for investors in 2015. You can see in the chart below, the stock has based just above $20. Icahn owns most of his stake above $28. is the first and only online actively managed portfolio of the “best ideas” from the world’s best hedge funds. To invest like Wall Street billionaires, subscribe click here.