Pro Perspectives 6/6/23

June 06, 2023

Yesterday we talked about Nvidia Founder/CEO's view of AI, and the future it will power (you can see that note again here).
We left off on his view of the "next big reinvention," where "the digital world meets the physical world."
Huang says it's Omniverse technology will power it, and will reshape $100 trillion worth of global industry. 
How far off might this "next big reinvention" be? 
Apple announced a new "augmented reality" device yesterday
Here's how they describe the product:  "Apple Vision Pro seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space."
Sounds familiar.   What's most interesting about this new technology era, is that it's made for building faster and cheaper.
With that, the speed of change, in this "industrial revolution" could be unlike those of the past. 
Among the many questions:  Who will be the winners and losers?  Who will be the AOL (the left behind)?  Who will be the Amazon (become more relevant, as they leverage technological advancements)? 
And will it all, ultimately, be executed in a way that changes the way we live for the better?