The Best Hedge Fund you have never heard of

The Hedge Fund Industry is saturated with mediocrity with over 5000 equity based hedge funds it is virtually impossible to find a small hedge fund that is putting up big numbers. Yet there is one hedge fund that has stayed below the radar of most investors and the mainstream press while at the same time putting up mind boggling returns, and consistently picking stocks that double and triple.

The name of this fund is Barington Capital. Barington Capital is a New York based hedge fund that invests exclusively in undervalued small to mid cap companies. The fund was founded in 1999 by James Mitarotonda, who holds an MBA from New York University.

Barington is an activist, event driven fund that takes a private equity view towards investing. The Fund is always concentrated holding less than 10 stocks in its entire portfolio. Barington likes to take an active role in its investments including; forcing companies to buy back its own stock, making improvements to the company’s cost structure, divesting or spinning off under performing assets and electing its own people onto the target’s company’s boards. All of which are extremely effective at increasing shareholder value and bolstering the stocks performance.

Barington returned 50% in 2009, 30% in 2010 and was flat in 2011.  Even more impressive than those performance numbers are the returns from some of its individual stock picks. Barington made more than 500% on Dilliards, and 200% on SYMS .

To invest in this lucrative fund you would need $500,000 and you would have to pay a 2% management fee and 20% of all your profits,  instead you can find all of Barington Capital stock picks, and its most recent purchases and largest holdings by clicking here at