Pro Perspectives 2/18/22

February 18, 2022

As we end the week, the chatter continues about Russia/Ukraine. 
Today, the White House Deputy National Security Advisor talked about our preparedness to respond, if Russia were to retaliate against sanctions, with cyber attacks on U.S. companies and/or infrastructure.
Of all of the things we should consider as possible in 2022 (after the chaos of '20 and '21), it's further destabilization of economies (and life) through cyber attacks.  
If for no other reason, should we consider this possible/likely, than it was gamed out by the World Economic Forum last year, here (as was the pandemic, back in October of 2019, here). 
This group (WEF), with constituents that include leaders of virtually every major government and company around the world, is the force behind the global climate agenda, and much of the economic and social agenda.  As we know, global governments have embraced these agendas, and are executing in "global cooperation."   
What else will require "global cooperation" to combat, in the words of the WEF leadership?  A cyber pandemic.  This is a cyber attack, as they describe it, with covid-like characteristics.
For the sake of being informed, it's probably not a bad idea to take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the way they view the world and the cyber threat (in this video).  Not a bad idea to be prepared.