I called the bottom in Apple and now I’m calling the coming boom in M&A

Remember me? Hello? I am the guy who told you that Apple had bottomed in May.

Apple reported yesterday, where they announced a special $3+ dividend. I expect this stock will hit $450 again, and will go to $500 in the coming weeks.

If you don’t remember my famous blog post on Apple, you can read it here. I was featured on Fortune.com and CNN Money.

Now that you know how good I am, let me tell you a few other things about me and the way I do things.
First, I run an innovative online advisory service called The Billionaires Portfolio. It allows people like you to invest like a billionaire hedge fund manager. Does it mean you have to be rich? Of course not.

What it means, is this: If you want to get rich, you have to invest in situations that can produce big winners. That’s how billionaires got rich. And that’s how they continue to get richer. And there is no better way to put yourself on their path, than to follow their moves.

My service is up more than 35% in less than 11 months. For every $20,000 my subscribers are managing, they have gotten a $6,600 return. Not bad. They pay me $297 a quarter , and they get $6,600 in return. For those of you that are slow, that is a very good return on investment. Perhaps most importantly, my subscribers get to learn how professionals make money in the stock market. This is my service to society.

Now, here’s a bit about the way I do things: We are in the early stages of a mergers and acquisitions boom. And every stock in our portfolio is a candidate to be bought for a huge premium.

We have a basket of undervalued technology, energy and retail stocks that have a built in catalyst. That’s how you make money folks. You don’t blindly buy stocks and sit and wait and hope to make money. You only buy stocks where there is a catalyst at work to move the stock. That’s the difference between a pro and an amateur. I want to buy stocks that are going to make me money, not bore me to death.

How do I get a catalyst? A good start is finding stocks that have a powerful billionaire investor involved. I want a bulldog on my side that is fighting everyday to get rid of lazy management, sell of bad assets or sell the company outright – anything to unlock value.

We just followed a famous hedge fund manager into a small cap technology stock about three months ago and nine weeks later the stock was purchased for a 90% premium. Our stock jumped 90% in one day. We also just booked profits on a high flying semiconductor stock, SunEdison, where my subscriber made over 250% in less than nine months.

Look, I am telling you, we are going to see an incredible surge in small cap mergers and acquisitions over the next year, and you have to be fully invested in small cap value activist stocks to take advantage of it. The way to do this is to subscribe to my Billionaires Portfolio.

So look, I already made you tons of money on Apple. Now I am telling you we are about to see a boom in small cap M&A. This means that small cap value stocks will be THE game in town. You do not want to miss this next wave of buyout madness, as stocks will be taken over every day for 50%, 100%, 200% or more.

If you don’t want to join me, keep reading my blog. I will be back again to tell you how much money you have missed.

Will Meade
President of the Billionaires Portfolio