Pro Perspectives 4/21/21

April 21, 2021

The White House has been relatively quiet about the multi-trillion dollar energy transformation plan the past few weeks.  This will change tomorrow.

Biden will host his "Climate Summit." This will be a virtual meeting, and is scheduled to run through Friday.  There will be over thirty global leaders. 

This will be as much about building the case for global energy transformation, through the media, as it will anything else.  So we should expect the media to carry the water for the global politicians, by firing up the doomsday climate change narrative, beginning tomorrow.  As for the politicians, in this summit, they will be making big and bold promises about how quickly they will get to "carbon neutral."

The Biden Plan calls for a "100% clean energy economy" and "net-zero emissions no later than 2050."  This is a huge bet to make with the economy (and people’s lives).  But he has an aligned Congress to fund it and execute on it. 

So, this will of course come with higher regulations and massive government spending, which will drive even hotter and more persistent inflationary pressures.

There has already been gobs of money thrown at clean energy companies.  And a lot more is coming.  With that said, with somewhat of a lull in this theme in recent weeks, let's take a look at a few "clean energy" stocks that head into this summit with a dip to buy …

This is First Solar, an American manufaturer of solar panels.  This is 23% off of the highs of January. 

The chart above is TPI Composites, manufacturer of wind blades.  The stock is 33% off of the February highs. 
Cree makes materials and devices for electric vehicles.  The stock is 15% off of the February highs.