Pro Perspectives 1/21/21

January 21, 2021

Biden has gone to work undoing Trump policies.  Among them, reversing policies that led to U.S. energy independence.

With that and the "clean" energy agenda well telegraphed, the coveted stocks by Wall Street have been anything "green," and the shunned stocks have been anything fossil fuels.  But guess what stocks have been booming since election day.  The same stocks in the industry that Biden promises to end.  

Exxon is up 45% since election day.   Chevron is up 30%. Conocophillips is up 48%. Phillips 66 is up 55%.  EOG resources is up 57%. 

Why are these stocks booming?  As I said in my November 10 note, until we're all driving Teslas, and the energy grid has been completely "green" transformed, we will still be using a lot of oil.  We'll just be paying lot more for it. 

And with the biggest investors in the world (i.e. Climate Action 100+) coordinating to withhold fresh investment in new oil exploration projects, the existing producers will just get more business, and sell production at higher and higher prices.   

Since election day, the price of a barrel of oil has gone from $37 to $53.  That's up 43%.  And its going higher — much higher.