Pro Perspectives 11/6/20

November 6, 2020

As the hallmark of a Biden presidency would likey be the transformation of the U.S. economy, via the Green New Deal, let's take a look at some stocks that would benefit. 

As a spoiler, they've already benefited, dramatically.   Clearly there has been a lot of confidence, since the onset of covid, in the election outcome we are seeing. 

Here's a look at the charts on the top five constituents in the biggest clean energy ETF (ICLN):

The Biden Plan calls for a "100% clean energy economy" and "net-zero emissions no later than 2050."  He would need an aligned Congress to get funding for a such massive "change the economy" undertaking. 

And he might get it, given Georgia Senate races are going to a run-off.  

But his plan also says he would take Executive Action, day one, to ramp up regulations and efficiency standards.  Either way you look at it, the cost of living would go UP — prices going UP.