Pro Perspectives 6/30/20

June 30, 2020

Stocks rose as much as 1.4% this afternoon as Powell and Mnuchin testified before the House Finance Committee, on the Pandemic response. 

As we know, both the government and the central bank will do "whatever it takes" to maintain stability and promote a recovery, and if whatever they are doing is not enough, they will do more.

Early on in the testimony, both Powell and Mnuchin talked about doing more. Even more money flooding into the system, means even more inflation coming down the pike.  As we've discussed, if the economic recovery trajectory continues even close the current path, there will be trillions of dollars of excess money sloshing around.  

That makes the nominal price of assets go UP.  And, indeed, asset prices went up today. 

Stocks were finished up over 1%.  But the bigger movers of the day were metals.  Platinum was up 2.9%.  Silver was up 2.9%.  Copper was up 1.4%.  

And while gold was up "just" 1% (less than the rest), it wins the chart of the day. 

Gold traded to another new eight-year high today, and it's just a few dollars away from breaking out, and making a run to the 2011 all-time highs. It's coming.