Pro Perspectives 6/9/20

June 9, 2020

Yesterday, we talked about what looked like a book-end event for the health crisis. 

The world has been paralyzed with the idea that asymptomatic people, which make up as much as a fifth of the population in a NYC sample, were unknowingly spreading a deadly disease.  The cases and case fatality data over the past two months goes a long way toward disproving it, but it's hard to ignore such an alarming assertion by the global health experts. It's enough to keep many in their bunkers, even as economies are reopening. 

With that, when the technical lead of the Covid-19 response/ head of emerging diseases at the WHO says that evidence shows it's "very rare" that asymptomatic people pass it on, it's time for a celebration. This should of been the top story everywhere. 

But few were celebrating.  And few were talking about it.  And then the attacks came.  And then the very same person that repeated over and over again yesterday that it was rare transmission, tried to walk it back publicly today.  But despite the window dressing on the clean-up attempt, the message came out looking very much the same, with the softer, yet inexact, phrase "much less likely" … instead of "very rare."   Here is here statement on Twitter …

As I said yesterday, it's more than fair to question the credibility of the WHO.  They've given us another reason. But it’s fair to question any expert opinion on this, at this point.  Meanwhile, the data continues to speak for itself.

On a related note, let's take a look at what the case reporting looks like in Minnesota, now 14 days after the first mass protest broke out in the streets.  As you can see in the table below, there has been no spike in hospitalizations.  The daily non-ICU hospitalizations have declined, so have ICU admissions …