This Is One Of The Top 5 Buying Opportunities


Bill Miller, one of the best value investors of our era, says he thinks now is one of the top five buying opportunities in his lifetime.” 

The first was in 1974 …

The second was in 1982 …
The third was in 1987 …
The fourth was in 2008 and 2009 …
And in his words, “this is the fifth one”

What do all of these moments have in common?

They were all associated with some form of crisis. And each market environment was defined by fear and capitulation.

What else did each of these market environments have in common? The best investors we know today, were buying, not selling.

This is one of those moments. Right now.

The market has given the best billionaire investors in the world, again, an amazing opportunity to buy stocks on the cheap.

And they are indeed buying. And my subscribers and I are following them in my premium newsletter, Billionaire’s Portfolio.

Will you be one of those selling to them (and us), in panic? Or will you flip the switch and start investing like the smartest wealth builders of our time?

Bottom line: These are the moments when real wealth can be created in stocks. And I want to make sure you are acting, not watching from the sidelines.

Here’s how: Stop hoping. Stop guessing. Stop taking tips. Stop listening to bad advice. Stop investing without a plan. Stop letting brokers skim a percentage of your net worth every year in fees. Stop watching the Dow.

Start aligning yourself with the best. Start investing with an edge (an advantage over everyone else). Start owning the stocks that are the best performers of the year. Start compounding your money at high rates every year. Start taking the gambling and the guesswork out of investing.

You do so by letting the world’s best billionaire investors carve the path for you. Let them tell you what stocks to buy. Let them fight like hell for you, every day, to maximize the value of your investment.

This is what you get when you subscribe to my Billionaire’s Portfolio. You get a virtual seat at the table, alongside the world’s richest and most influential shareholders. You get the inside scoop on what they are buying and why they are buying it. What they’re selling. Why they are selling. And when they win, you win. They become your partners. Your allies.

What is Billionaire’s Portfolio?

It’s your chance to manage your own portfolio (do-it-yourself), but with an expert on your side, helping you along the way, and helping you align your portfolio with the biggest and most influential investors in the world (their edge becomes your edge).

It’s easy … and it works!

If you have a brokerage account and can read a weekly e-mail from me, you can build a simple, but powerful portfolio of the best billionaire–owned stocks—and position yourself to reap the same returns as the world’s top billionaire investors.

I tell you what to buy … when to buy … what to hold … and what to sell—and when.

Here’s how it works:

I plow through legal filings, tap my connections and research my extensive proprietary database to find–and–follow the smartest, richest and best performing billionaire investors in the world. All the investors on my radar have this in common: They are rich, powerful and have a record of making a LOT of money on nearly every deal they participate in.

I look ONLY for the best, highest conviction stocks, from the best investors in the world–the ones that have the power to influence the outcome.

And I have carefully designed a 20–stock portfolio of only the top billionaire–owned stocks. These are stocks that all have the potential to do multiples (in some cases, many multiples), from here, as the economy recovers.

I tell you the story on each stock. The game plan each billionaire investor is executing to unlock value in the stock. I tell you when to buy, when to sell. I give you weekly updates… a live quarterly portfolio review… and full access to the Billionaire’s Portfolio member’s area (sneak peek below).

As a member, when the richest, most influential investors in the world win, you win! They’re working for you, their fellow shareholder.

This is all the billionaire intelligence only our expert has the connections and experience to curate, and the valuable picks in the portfolio, all of which have the potential to produce multiples of what the billionaire investors they followed have paid for them.

If you want returns, this is for you. If you want expert guidance, this is for you.

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If you’ve never subscribed to a newsletter, this is for you.

I’ve been studying the best investors of in the world for 23 years.  And for the past eight years, I’ve been a contributor to Forbes, the iconic global media company that has, for over 100 years, dedicated itself to profiling the great wealth creators of our time.  What’s clear, in my research and experience, is that the world’s richest have amassed their wealth by thinking differently and acting differently than the typical investor. Most importantly, they have an edge.

And when you’re a subscriber of Billionaire’s Portfolio, their edge is your edge.

Performance? Since Billionaire’s Portfolio launched in August of 2012, our exited campaigns (52 of them) have gained 20% on average, with a holding period of just over a year.

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We look forward to welcoming you to our premium service, Billionaire’s Portfolio.

Best Regards,

Bryan Rich
Founder and Chief Portfolio Strategist, Billionaire’s Portfolio

Forbes Contributor