Pro Perspectives 2/11/20

February 11, 2020

If you turned on the TV today, read the newspaper, surfed the internet, or checked social media, you heard about the big Sprint/T-Mobile court ruling.

And you may have seen a headline like this:

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All told, Billionaire's Portfolio members, which include everyday investors just like you, were on the right side of one of the biggest news events of the week on Wall Street.

How can you position yourself to be the lucky one that gets to wake up to a big pop in your portfolio?

You follow big, influential shareholders that have power, influence and expertise. They have an edge. And when you follow them, their edge is your edge.

In this case, we followed billionaire Masayoshi Son.  He owns 84% of Sprint stock and is the architect of this big merger that will put the “New T-Mobile” in the pole position to become the dominant network to bring 5G to nearly all Americans.

And, the New T-Mobile is now positioned to become the real disruptor of the broadband cable industry – with the capacity to deliver widespread in-home wireless internet.  

That’s the real news of the day.  And that’s why this big pop in the stock today is only the beginning for Sprint/T-Mobile shareholders.

I’d like to tell you more, but I would be doing my loyal members a disservice.

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