Pro Perspectives 9/25/19

September 25, 2019

While the Democrats are moving forward with an impeachment inquiry, the DOJ has stated its conclusion on the phone call in question:  it was diplomacy, not intelligence.

When the notes from the call were released this morning, stocks went UP, bonds went down, gold went down, the VIX went down. 

That's a "nothing to see here" statement by the markets. 

Yesterday we talked about the plunge in Bitcoin.  Today it was gold and silver.  

Gold fell more than 2% from the highs overnight.  Silver was the biggest mover of the day across global financial markets, down 3%. 

You can see the parallels in the chart below of the performance of Bitcoin and Silver this year.  Both have had huge runs over the past four to six months.  So has gold. 

As I alluded to yesterday: Are these declines over the past 24-hours, in these key stores of value, signaling a U.S./China deal in the offing? 
Trump said this morning, to reporters: "it could happen sooner than you think."