Make 400% on Facebook in less than a month!


Last week Facebook formed one of the most predictive and profitable price patterns I have ever seen as a trader.

It is what we call in the hedge fund business a positive asymmetrical trade. Meaning the trade offers little downside coupled with a huge upside for big profits.

Even better this trading setup on Facebook is allowing me to use a trick from my old hedge fund trading days that I have talked about before on this blog, my secret stock replacement strategy.

These types of trades only come along every couple of months, so you don’t want to miss this, as this trade could easily turn as little as $150 into more than $500 in less than 20 days or turn $1500 into more than $5000 in less than 20 days as well.

So here is what I am going to do, and I have never done this before, I am going give you the exact trading instructions on how to use my secret stock replacement strategy to trade Facebook, this includes sending you all the notes on my Facebook stock chart, which has the exact level where to put your stop, and the exact level where you want to take profits. Moreover it shows you visually what I am talking about, in terms of this being the best risk reward trading set up I have ever seen.

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Will Meade
Editor of The Billionaires Portfolio