Global Central Bank Policy Is Back To Pinning Down Rates, Driving Up Asset Prices

April 10, 5:00 pm EST

The minutes were released from the March Fed meeting today.  But we already know very clearly where they stand.

Remember, they spent the better part of the first three months of the year marching out Fed officials (one after another) to give us a clear message that they would do nothing to kill the economic recovery.

Just in case there was any question, Jay Powell stepped in just ahead of the March Fed meeting with an exclusive 60 Minutes interview, where he spoke directly to the public, to reassure everyone that the economy was in good shape, and that the Fed was there to promote stability (i.e. rates on hold and even prepared to act if the environment were to turn for the worse).

As expected, the ECB echoed that position today, following their meeting on monetary policy.  As we’ve discussed, the major global central banks have again coordinated both messaging and policy to ward off an erosion of confidence in the global economy.   No surprises.  And I’m sure managing the U.S. 10-year yield has been part of that coordinated response.  In addition to the speculative flows that have pushed yields lower, I suspect there has been a healthy dose of central bank buying (Bank of Japan and others through sovereign wealth funds).

With that, even though stocks have bounced back, commodities are on the move, and we’ve had improvements in global economic data, we still have European 10-year yields (Germany) at zero and U.S. yields at 2.50%. That is promoting the global central bank stability plan.

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