I called the bottom in Apple, My partner called the crash in gold … When will you listen?

Last week I called the bottom in Apple, one that will hold for at least the next year and make you 50% to 100% in profits.  And here, on this blog, my partner called the crash in gold, and then told you the bounce was a gift of a life-time (a second chance) to get out!

Let me repeat this:  Bryan Rich, a former trader at a billion dollar global macro hedge fund and global macro economist, told you on my blog in April that gold was going to collapse if it broke $1522.  It did.  And it created ripples across global markets.

If you would have followed Bryan’s initial recommendation, you would have made over 1000% in options and almost 100% shorting leveraged ETFs, or 30% just shorting the gold ETF ($GLD).

What did Bryan do for an encore?  He told you on the last two pullbacks that you should sell gold every single time. And of course he was dead right.

If you don’t believe me read his weekly Big Picture piece here.

Bryan’s Big Picture piece is read by some of the top hedge funds and family offices around the world.  So it is a must read!

Not only has Bryan told you to sell gold, but he was extremely bullish on the US stock market and Japanese stocks before anyone else in the world.  He was telling my subscribers to be long 100% stocks back in December.  The Wall Street hacks were telling you that the fiscal cliff was going to pulverize stocks.  They told you the sequester was going to trigger a crash.  They told you Cyprus was going to cause a collapse…then the Boston bombings.   Bryan said, don’t listen to this ignorance.  Just buy stocks. “We’ve just entered another wave of coordinated, global central bank easing — the central banks have given us a green light.”

Now, over six months later, the rest of the world is starting to get it.  And my subscribers are richer.  Meanwhile, you are probably still wringing your hands listening to the losers.

Fine, don’t listen to me, or Bryan Rich or Warren Buffett for that matter. Keep watching the hacks on TV.  Keep listening to your unqualified broker.  Keep following the guidance of the 25-year old journalists at the Wall Street Journal.  As I’ve said before, when the sheep are steadily walking off the cliff, it just makes it easier for me to make money, taking the other side of their trades.

If you do want to wake up and listen, start by reading what Bryan has said on gold and stocks over the past six months.  You can find it here.  And maybe, if you’re nice, I might bring him back on the blog.  By the way, he says gold is going to $800 – pre QE levels.

You can always subscribe to The Billionaires Portfolio (here) and get his economic and Big Picture advice on a weekly basis.

By the way:  I’m frequently asked “why I do this blog?”  Guess what?  I wrote a blog post on it.  You can find it here.


Will Meade