I told you to Sell Apple and Buy Zynga!


I have been telling you for the last three months that mutual funds and hedge fund were dumping Apple.  If you don’t believe me look through all past my blog posts and you will see that almost every single week I was trying to save you money by telling you to sell Apple.

I told you that hedge funds mutual funds wanted nothing to do with this rotting stock. Folks this isn’t rocket science you know my background, I have over 15 years of experience in the hedge fund industry working as a Portfolio Manager, Trader and analyst.

I have hundreds of contacts and friends at some of the biggest hedge funds in the world, I have a network of over 2000 people in the hedge fund industry. I live and breathe this stuff. So when I tell you that hedge funds and mutual funds are selling Apple next time listen.

And of course I was right, we just learned this week that most of the biggest hedge funds Tiger Global, Appaloosa Management and others were selling their entire Apple stake over the last 3 months. There it is, that’s why the stock went down simple supply and demand, it didn’t matter that you told me Apple had this much cash, or this much cash flow, all that mattered was there were more sellers than buyers that’s it!!

But instead you read articles from Motley Fool, and their 25 year old Apple Analyst who went to the number one party school in the country Arizona State University, and who has zero-zilch experience in the hedge fund industry or Wall Street. You also listened to the hacks at Barrons, Wall Street Journal who said Apple was a great value at $500.  So for your own good and for your own retirement account at least listen to what I am saying.

On Zynga (symbol: ZNGA) I told you months ago, I liked the chart and the fundamentals of this stock at $2.80. Today it’s $3.50, and oh by the way one of the biggest Activist Hedge Funds in the World, Jana Partners just disclosed today that it purchased over 25 million shares of Zynga, coincidence, I think not.

Folks I might not be a genius but I am persistent with over 15 years of experience working in the hedge fund industry including a top ranked Billion dollar Hedge Fund means I have learned a thing or two. I know what stocks hedge fund like, I know what stocks activist hedge funds like and I tell you all this in my service The Billionaires Portfolio.

I also know what stocks Hedge Funds and Mutual Funds like to sell, I was a trader at a hedge fund and a big institutional investment firm, I know how big funds blow out a stock and what it looks like. And again I tell you all this in my Billionaires Portfolio Service.

But no you would rather read articles by The Insider Monkey written by a 28 year old girl who has never worked a day in the hedge fund or investment industry.

Folks I am trying to give you the news before it’s printed. I mentioned  Zynga two months before it was disclosed that one of the biggest hedge funds in the world was buying it, and yet you ignore it. If you want to know what’s really going on in the stock market what the big money players are doing what they are buying, what they are selling than do yourself a favor and subscribe to my Billionaires Portfolio at https://www.fxtraderprofessional.com/order/billionaireport/


Will Meade

President of the Billionaires Portfolio


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