I told you to Buy Stocks, Sell Gold, Fire Your Broker and Dump Your Mutual Funds


Folks, I am frustrated.  Over the past four months, on this blog, I have provided you with huge winning small cap picks (ex. Trina Solar: symbol TSL, which is up more than 50%).  Then I gave you Eagle Bulk Shipping (symbol EGLE), which is up almost 100%.

Then my partner and I told you to sell gold, three different times.  Each time if you would have purchased options after this you would have made more than 100% in less than a week.  But most importantly, if you’ve been suckered into owning gold, you should have been out before the bottom fell out it at 1522.

I also told you, since February, that stocks are king – you should be buying with both hands.

Stocks have continued to go up, while the gold and deadbeat bonds your broker put you in have gone down.

Then, after all of that, which should have easily made you and saved you thousands of dollars, I gave you one of the biggest option picks of the year. I told you about a Sprint call option which I thought was incredibly cheap.  In less than a month, that option was up 560%.   That’s a 560% return in less than a month!

If that wasn’t enough I told you last Wednesday that Stanley Druckenmiller, the king of hedge funds, is telling you to buy stocks, sell commodities and sell the Aussie dollar.  What happened over the course of Thursday and Friday?  Stocks continued higher in the face of a route in commodities and currencies (especially the Aussie dollar).

Moreover, as someone who has been in the hedge fund and investment industry for more than 15-years, I’ve told you that your friendly neighborhood broker, who has never traded for a living or even seen the inside of a real investment shop, was ripping you off to the tune of 2% to 3% a year in fees and commissions (if you’re lucky).

I told you that Warren Buffett, the world’s richest man, told you that if you were not earning 30% to 50% on your IRA or 401K, than you were failing, or your stock broker or mutual fund manager was failing.  And therefore you should fire them and seek other advice.

So let me repeat that: Warren Buffett, the world’s richest man, a man who has the greatest investment track record in the world said if you have less than a $10 million account, you should be earning 30% to 50% a year. Yet you are still listening to your broker and mutual fund manager.

That’s fine.  The more people who follow the herd (follow stock broker’s advice, invest with mutual fund managers, trade their own account on CNBC tips) the better it is for me and the people that listen to me.

Unlike most of the scum in this industry, I have used the internet to help people.  Not to rip them off.   I have a service that is very simple to follow, and very reasonably priced.  In my service, I provide the most simple and powerful investment approach that I have ever found in my 15-years in this industry.  I find out what the richest, most powerful investors are doing.  And I follow them.  Can I make money other ways?  Sure.  I’ve shown you plenty of ways.  But for the average guy, there is nothing more powerful than following the best.  Go play golf.  Spend time with your family.  Don’t waste your life watching CNBC and trying to time the market. Let the billionaire investors of the world work for you for a change.  They spend the money on resources, they use their power and influence, we go along for the ride.

If you have followed my service, you are up almost 20% in less than eight months, while holding as much as 50% cash in our portfolio.

So look, if you want to be average and poor, and still invest with corrupt brokers and mutual funds, you just continue to create market mis-pricings for me.  It gives me a chance to have a little fun on the side with the types of trades I described above.

If you want to continue to listen to the 25-year old journalists with no trading experience at all of the crappy investment websites out there, go ahead.  Don’t listen to us.  We have a combined 30-years of experience trading for billion dollar hedge funds.

When it comes time for brain surgery, would you rather have a surgeon with 30-years experience and Harvard medical degree, or would you rather a guy cut your head open that has a mail away degree from the islands?

Think about it.

Will Meade

Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio