Highlights From the Billionaire’s Conference in NYC


The famous Ira Sohn Conference is going on in NYC as we speak, this conference features the most powerful Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers in the world and their best long and short ideas.

So here are some of the best tidbits from today:

One of my Favorite Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers- Stanley Druckenmiller, a man who probably has the greatest single long term track record of any hedge fund manager in history. Druckemillier averaged over 32% annually for more than 25 years, with only one down year.. and was also George Soros’s right hand man in the 1980’s, which has made him a multi billionaire.

Druckemiller said the following

  • He said the Stock Markets will keep rising.
  • He said there is no chance of any bear market until the Fed Signals an end to QE
  • He said the commodity super cycle is over and he is short commodities, commodity companies and commodity currencies.
  • He especially likes the Australian Dollar to go down a lot, and is heavily short the Aussie.

Kyle Bass, another great global macro hedge fund manager, really likes the stock Dexone Corp, symbol, (DEXO), he thinks it has huge upside.

Activist Investor Keith Meister, a Carl Icahn Protege, said he is buying huge chunks of Level One Communications (LVLT) and TW Telecom (TWTC).

Famous Activist Bill Ackman says that he thinks Proctor and Gamble (PG) is worth more than $125 a share. It is currently $78.50.

Famed Short Seller Jim Chanos said Seagate Technologies (STX) is a great short sale candidate!

More Later…

Will Meade

Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio