Cracks In Big Tech Stocks Finally Showing

October 9, 5:00 pm EST

There are always plenty of risks surrounding markets.  Still, stocks tend to be pretty good at “climbing the wall of worry.”

But we’ve now had some swings since the beginning of the month.  Have stocks hit the wall at the recent record highs?  Have the growing geopolitical risks begun to finally outweigh the fundamental strength in the economy and the stock market?

Not likely.  More likely, these risks have served as a catalyst for a correction.  In this case, a correction in tech stocks.

And it has been driven by one of the highest flyers:  Amazon.

At the highs of last month, Amazon had jumped 112% in a little less than 12 months.  That’s over $500 billion in market cap gains for Amazon since September of last year.  Just that increase in valuation alone is bigger than all but four stocks in the world.

So, as we’ve been discussing in this daily note for quite some time, the regulatory screws have been tightening on big tech.  And Amazon is in the crosshairs.  Meanwhile, it has been priced as if the developing monopoly would go unchecked.  As I’ve said, “not a good bet.”

Now that “monopoly premium” seems to finally be deflating.

After crossing the trillion-dollar valuation threshold (which was the dead top in the stock), Amazon has now had an official 10% correction.  

This big trendline in Amazon will be key to watch.

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