Ignore The Noise And Watch These Charts

September 20, 5:00 pm EST

Global markets continue to melt-UP.  Ironically, Trump’s promise to slap an additional $200 billion on Chinese goods proved to be the marker for “risk-on.”

As we’ve discussed, the reaction from global markets tells us that reforming China is a good thing.

Among the confirmation signals we’re getting on that theory: 1) Japanese stocks are surging (as a beneficiary of fair trade), 2) Chinese stocks are bottoming (perhaps a more sustainable and balanced economy in its future), and 3) the Dow is finally playing catch up (the U.S. stock index that has been punished by trade uncertainty).

Let’s take a look at the charts …

As you can see below, Japanese stocks are finally making a run back toward the highs of last year.  

Chinese stocks have put in a key reversal signal (an outside day) into a double bottom.  This is following a 50% decline from the 2015 highs.

And after eight long months, the Dow finally surpassed the January highs today.

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