The Truth about Gold, Stocks and becoming a Millionaire


Okay, I want to talk about a few things today …

First, we often get emails from people that think they can enlighten us.  They like to tell us “a collapse in stocks is coming”, “hyper-inflation is coming”, “load up on gold or you’ll be sorry”, etc.  In short, all of one-liners that the sheep have been fed by the charlatans on TV for years now, and even your trusty Wall Street Journal.  Guess what?  It hasn’t happened.  They’ve been saying it for years.  It’s not just that they’ve been wrong that’s annoying, it’s that the basis for their arguments is wrong, and reckless.  And it’s undoubtedly lost people a boatload of a money.

Invariably, these emails come with a link to some article that has shaped the emailer’s view.  Nine times out of ten, this “article” is not really an article, it’s nothing more than a sales promotion from a typical hack newsletter, that has taken a hodgepodge of lies, myths and factually flawed theories, put them together in a “shock the world” expose.

Some of the culprits:  NewsMax, Agora, Sovereign Society, etc. 

Some of these guys:  Steve Sjuggerud, Martin Weiss, Peter Schiff, Bill Bonner, Addison Wiggin. Porter Stansberry.

If you see these names, run.  It’s all garbage.

Peter Schiff has been telling you over the year that the US Economy and the dollar were going to tank, they never did. (I have a correction: Mr Schiff called my company two times today to explain that his clients did not lose the amount I posted, but I can not find any performance numbers available for his funds, so  you can visit his website if you are interested in his performance numbers. My point was that there was a huge opportunity cost,  very big and painful, to anyone who was selling stocks, betting against the dollar and the U.S. Economy… all things Mr. Schiff has said very publicly on CNBC,YouTube and in articles ALL over the internet).  He’s not alone, most of them have.  And virtually all of these guys have told you to dig a bunker and surround yourself with canned foods and gold.  Any of these flawed recommendations should be good enough for a life ban from ever giving anyone advice again.

Because we know the sheep have been herded into this dangerous gold trade, we’ve tried to warn you to get out.  The bottom is ready to fall out of this flawed trade.  My partner, Bryan Rich, has told you twice now, here on this blog, to sell gold.  Get out!  Both times he has given you the exact level at which to sell (first ahead of 1522…and the next time ahead of 1460).  Each time he has been dead right.  Heck, if you had bought puts on gold each time he’s told you to sell gold, you would have doubled your money quickly.  But the point is, don’t be caught holding the bag on this trade thinking you should own 1500 dollar gold because you think the dollar is going to zero.  It’s not. It hasn’t.  And it won’t.  The Fed policies are keeping our economy alive (just as the policies are at other central banks).  But that’s it.  Even after three rounds of QE, there is as much risk  of a deflationary spiral as there was six years ago.  Enough said.  Chuck your gold.

And remember this, stocks now are up more than 14% year to date, and gold is now down 13% year to date.  You have lost 27% of your hard earned money listening to people that have zero background in economics or investing experience (these journalist and newsletter hacks).

Who do I listen to? First of all, I do my own research. Primary research.  I don’t let journalist at the Wall Street Journal tell me what to think.  And I don’t let former radio disc jockey’s/turned TV hosts tell me what to think.

The opinions I care about? … billionaires … rich people … the best investors in the world … and central bankers.  In short, people that have power and influence.

That’s who I want to hear from.   That’s what my research is all about.  And that’s what my service is all about, The Billionaires Portfolio.  Listening to, and following the best.  Instead of running with the sheep, my subscribers are making money.  We are beating the stock market.  We have creating wealth in this environment, just like the world’s best billionaire hedge funds and investors.

So what can you do now?  Cancel your subscription to Barrons, Wall Street Journal, etc.  Fire your C-student, zero trading experience stock broker, and listen to what the richest people world are telling you.

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Will Meade

Editor of The Billionaires Portfolio