What Billionaires are saying about Apple, Facebook, Gold and the Stock Market.


Buffett:  At his annual Berkshire Hathaway meeting this weekend Buffett said stocks are still the only game in town and said the stock market is not in bubble territory.

Apple and Facebook:  These stocks are at inflection points. Both stocks have seen some recent positive momentum, and technically are starting to look good.  But I am still not hearing a lot of hedge funds or billionaire investors who are buying heavily into these stocks. So as I told you before, tread carefully here.  Do not buy options on these stocks, but you could start dipping your toes back slowly into these stocks.

Gold:  If you own GLD, you are going to lose money.  If you own gold futures or gold bullion, you are going to lose money. It’s a matter of time.  Same with silver, and the silver ETF. If you own it,  you are going to lose money. It’s that easy.   The gold and silver bull market is over.  It’s done. Every billionaire, including Buffett has told you gold is a terrible investment.  So please stop listening to conspiracy theorists and uneducated newsletter editors on how gold is a safe-haven investment.  Listen to billionaires.  Billionaires are buying stocks and selling gold and silver.

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Will Meade

Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio