Movement Equals Success On Trade

July 25, 5:00 pm EST

Last week Larry Kudlow, the White House Chief Economic Advisor, hinted that Jean-Claude Juncker (head of European Commission) would be coming to Washington with some concessions on trade.

As I write, we’ve yet to hear the results of the Trump/Juncker meeting today, but this could be a major turning point in the perception of the U.S. trade offensive. Movement equals success. And in that case, concessions out of Europe may pave the way to more concessions globally. That signal could trigger a big rally in global markets.

One particular market to watch is copper. Copper is the first place you should look if you think the world is escaping the slugglish post-crisis growth period, and possibly entering an economic boom period. It has been sensitive to the global trade disputes. A clearing of that, would resume what should be a multi-year bull market in copper.

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