Wild West Days Over For Tech Giants

June 26, 5:00 pm EST

While the media continues to be stuck on the global jawboning about trade. We’ve been talking about the continued domestic “leveling of the playing field.”

We’ve seen the verbal and Twitter shots taken by Trump at the tech giants since he’s been in office.  And the threats have slowly been materializing as policy.

Late last year, we talked about the repeal of the Net Neutrality rule.  And now we have the Supreme Court ruling that subjects internet sales to state tax.

Before you know it, the tech giants (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google …) may actually be held to a similar standard that their “old economy” competitors are held to.  They may have to pay for real estate (i.e. bandwidth). They may be liable for content on their site, regardless of who created it. And they may be scrutinized more heavily for anti-competitive practices.

That means, the costs may go UP for these companies.  And the cost may go UP for consumers.  But a more balanced and stable economy and society may come with it. 

So, the balance of power is shifting, just as people were becoming convinced that Amazon was taking over the world.  As we’ve discussed, if the market starts pricing OUT the prospects of Amazon becoming a monopoly, then the jaws may be closing on this chart …

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