Trump is ALSO focused on domestic ‘leveling of the playing field’

June 25, 5:00 pm EST

Last Thursday we talked about the important Supreme Court ruling, which would subject internet sales to state tax.  As I said, this was another “level the playing field” step for the Trump administration.  And another shot across the bow of the tech giants — the near monopolies that have destroyed industries over past decade, in large part to the regulatory advantages they’ve enjoyed relative to their old-line industry peers.

With that, on Thursday, we looked at this big reversal signal that developed in the tech-heavy Nasdaq — an ominous signal for the tech giants.

Today, we got this …
And this, in Amazon…

Meanwhile, what was UP on the day?  Brick and mortar retail.  Walmart was up 2%.  Target was up 1%.

A lot of attention on the day, from the financial media, was given to trade threats.  But this domestic “level of the playing field” is the real story.

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