Billionaire-Owned Oil Stocks With Big Upside

May 10, 3:00 pm EST

With oil above $70, today I want to revisit my note from February where we looked at billionaire-owned energy stocks that have the potential to double on higher oil prices (that note is below with updates or you can see it published here).

As I wrote that note, crude oil was trading at $63.  This morning it traded close to $72.  And more importantly, with the supply disruption (in the renewed Iran sanctions) combined with an already undersupplied market, we now have the recipe for a melt-UP in oil prices.  That creates big opportunities in oil exploration, production and services companies (still).


We’ve talked quite a bit over the past year about this $100 oil thesis from the research-driven commodities investors Goehring and Rozencwajg.

As they said in their recent letter, “we remain firmly convinced that oil-related investments will offer phenomenal investment returns. It’s the buying opportunity of a lifetime.”

With that, let’s take a look at some favorite energy stocks of the most informed and influential billionaire investors:

David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital has about 5% of his fund in Consol Energy (CNX). Mason Hawkins of Southeastern Asset Management is also in CNX. He has 9% of his fund in the stock, his third largest position. The last time oil was $100, CNX was a $36 stock. That’s more than a double from current levels. [Update: this is still a potential double, last price in CNX is $15.70.]

Carl Icahn’s biggest position is in energy. He has 12% of his fund in CVR Energy (CVI), which is 82% of the company. The last time oil was $100, CVI was $49. That’s 58% higher than current levels. [Update: last price on CVI is $40.60, driven higher by Icahn’s influence on a favorable EPA ruling.]

Paul Singer of Elliott Management’s third largest position is an oil play: Hess Corp. (HESS). It’s a billion-dollar stake, and the stock was twice as valuable the last time oil prices were $100.  [Update: last price on Hess is $63, up significantly from my Feb note, but Hess was a $100+ stock the last time crude oil was traded at $100.]

Andreas Halvorsen of Viking Global Investors has the biggest position in his $16-billion fund in EnCana Corp. (ECA). The stock was around $25 last time oil was $100. It currently trades at $14.  [Update: last price on ECA is $17.]

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