Sell Gold, Sell Apple and become a Millionaire!


Here in my free blog, I think it’s important to educate you about the markets.  I’ve told you to stay away from people that will take your money.

Frankly, I’m tired of watching used car salesman skim money from the masses (that includes brokers, the mutual fund industry and Wall Street).  So consider me your broker’s worst enemy.

Also, I’ve told you plenty of ways to  make money.

That’s another thing your broker won’t like.  He likes to tell you how hard things are, “how dangerous the markets are right now.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth.

In my latest posts:

1) I told you to sell Apple until it closes over $445.   Apple is down more than 20% year-to-date, and has still has not closed above $445 — even though broader stocks have been making new record highs.

2) I told you to sell gold and silver, and gold an silver stocks. Obviously, this has been a huge home run trade.  Many of the leveraged inverse ETFs (ETFs that profit when gold and silver stocks go down) are up more than 100%.

3) I told you to use my secret stock replacement strategy to buy options in some cases instead of stocks.  I bought Sprint call options that made over 560% in less than a month and I laid the trade out right in front of you here, from entry to exit.

4) I told you to buy a few juicy small cap stocks (tickers: EGLE, TSL, YGE).   Eagle Bulk and Shipping is up almost 100% in two months.   This is a stock not an option!  Who else has given you a stock that doubles in two months?  Seriously!

5) I told you that you should be making 50% a year on your portfolio.  If you’re not, you should fire your broker, mutual fund, financial advisor, Wall Street Journal. etc.  In fact, it wasn’t me saying it, that was straight from the mouth of Warren Buffett.

6) I told you to buy The Billionaire’s Portfolio.  This is my weekly research and advisory service.  My members are average investors, just like you.

Listen, my fee to advise institutional investors on hedge fund portfolios is over $50k  a year.  The minimum investment to invest with a top performing multi-billion dollar financial titan is typically $10 million.  That obviously locks the average guy out.  Why?  There is no reason.  The SEC claims they are protecting you.  What they are really protecting is Wall Street.  Because if you could access real investment strategies that make people rich, you would never buy a crappy mutual fund again.  You would never speculate on crappy stocks that newsrags are writing about, or that brokers are pitching.

The Billionaire’s Portfolio is your access to these rich, sophisticated investors.  I’ve designed a service, where I give you all of the best stocks that are making billionaires richer every day — for $297 a quarter.

What more can I do for you?

I tell you exactly how the richest, smartest investors on the planet make money for less than what you pay for your cell phone every month.

Plus, my members consistently beat the S&P with less risk.  And we don’t invest in boring stocks.  We only buy stocks that can be huge winners!  That’s the billionaire’s secret.  They don’t get rich buying GE.

I’m leading you to water here.  It’s up to you to take a drink.  To get on board click here.

Will Meade

Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio