The War Against ‘Winner Takes All’ Tech Dominance Is Underway

April 2, 7:00 pm EST

As we’ve discussed, the proxy on the “tech dominance” trade is Amazon.  That’s the proxy on the stock market too.  And it’s not going well.  The President hammered Amazon again over the weekend, and again this morning.

Here’s what he said …

Remember, we had this beautiful heads-up on March 13, with the reversal signal in Amazon.

That signal we discussed in my March 13 note has now predicted this 15.8% decline in the fourth largest publicly traded company.  And it’s dictating the continued correction in the broader market.

If you’re a loyal reader of this daily note, you’ll know we’ve been discussing this theme for the better part of the last year.  The regulatory screws are tightening.  And the tech giants, which have been priced as if they are, or would become, perfect monopolies, are now in the early stages of repricing for a world that might have more rules to follow, hurdles to overcome and a resurrection of the competition they’ve nearly destroyed.

As we know, Uber has run into bans in key markets. We’ve had the repeal of “net neutrality” which may ultimate lead big platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook and Uber, to transparency of their practices and accountability for the actions of its users.  Trump is going after Amazon, as a monopoly and harmful to the economy.  Tesla, a money burning company, is being scrutinized for its inability to mass produce — to deliver on promises.  For Tesla, if sentiment turns and people become unwilling to continue plowing money into a company that’s lost $6 billion over the past five years (while contributing to the $18 billion wealth of its CEO), it’s game over.

With that said, this all creates the prospects for a big bounce back in those industries that have been damaged by tech “disruption.”  And this should make a stock market recovery much more broad-based than we’ve seen.

With the sharp decline in stocks today, we’ve retested and broken the 200-day moving average in the S&P 500.  And we close, sitting on this huge trendline that describes the rise in stocks from the oil-crash induced lows of 2016.

Today we neared the lows of the sharp February decline.  I suspect we’ll bottom out near here and begin the recovery.  And that recovery should be fueled by very good Q1 earnings and a good growth number — brought to us by the big tax cuts.

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