Big Reversal Signals For Stocks, Led By AMZN, AAPL and MSFT

March 13, 5:00 pm EST

We talked yesterday about the important inflation data. That was in line this morning.  And with that, the big 3% level on the benchmark 10-year government bond yield remains well preserved.

But stocks soured anyway on the day, and it was led by the Nasdaq.

Let’s take a closer look at the Nasdaq.

This is where the big tech giants, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon have led the charge back in the index back to new record highs over the past couple of days.  Those three stocks represent about a third of the index (and contribute heavily to the S&P 500 too).

But as the three tech giants led the way up, they cracked today, and we now have some very compelling signals that another down leg for stocks may be here.

First, as the broader financial markets are still licking the wounds of the sharp correction, and still jittery, Apple hit a record high valuation of $925 billion this week (sniffing near the trillion dollar valuation mark).  And then it did this today…

As you can see in this chart above, Apple put in a huge bearish reversal signal (an outside day).

So did Microsoft (a huge bearish reversal signal).

So did Amazon, after breaching record levels of $1600 over the past two days …

And, not surprisingly, same is said for the Nasdaq – a big reversal signal…

The S&P 500 had the same reversal pattern.

For perspective, if we avoided the distraction of the big cap weighted indices, the Dow chart tells us the downtrend in stocks from the late January highs remains well intact.

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