Is The Bottom In For Commodities?


May 12, 2017, 4:00pm EST               Invest Alongside Billionaires For $297/Qtr

BR caricatureAs we ended this past week, stocks remain resilient, hovering near highs. The Nasdaq had a visit to the 200-day moving average intraweek for a slide of a whopping (less than) 1%, and quickly it bounced back.It’s a Washington/Trump policies-driven market now, and while the media carries on with narratives about Russia and the FBI, the market cares about getting health care done (which there was progress made last week), getting tax reform underway, and getting the discussion moving on an infrastructure spend.We looked at oil and commodities yesterday. Chinese stocks look a lot like the chart on broader commodities. With that, the news overnight about some cooperation between the Trump team and China on trade has Chinese stocks looking interesting as we head into the weekend.

Let’s take at the chart…


While the agreements out of China were said not to touch on steel and industrial metals, the first steps of cooperation could put a bottom in the slide in metals like copper and iron ore. These are two commodities that should be direct beneficiaries in a world with better growth prospects, especially with prospects of a $1 trillion infrastructure spend in the U.S. With that, they had a nice run up following the election but have backed off in the past couple of months, as the infrastructure spend appeared not to be coming anytime soon.


Here’s copper and the S&P 500…


Trump policies are bullish for both. Same said for iron ore…Displaying

This is right in the wheelhouse of Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Secretary of Commerce. He’s made it clear that he will fight China’s dumping of steel on the U.S. markets, which has driven steel prices down and threatened the livelihood of U.S. steel producers. Keep an eye on these metals next week, and the stocks of producers.

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