North Korea could be launching a nuclear attack, the stock market is making all time highs, Where are Billionaires Investing Now?


North Korea could be launching a nuclear attack and the stock market is making all time highs, investing has never been more difficult than right now.

So when things get confusing I like to look at what the “smart billionaire money” is doing, and they are doing a lot right now.

Through my extensive analysis of the world’s best Billionaire Investors and Hedge Fund Managers I know what the smart money is doing.

They are buying certain assets and selling a lot of another. They are buying certain sectors and selling 100% of other sectors. So how do you find out what the world’s best billionaire investors and hedge fund are doing? You subscribe to The Billionaires Portfolio,

We just issued one of our most exciting stock picks today to our subscribers in which we are following one of the top billionaire hedge fund managers into a deeply undervalued stock that could easily double in the next couple of months.

Furthermore we just sold one of our positions that netted our subscribers over 90% gains in 5 months.

I promise you that your stock broker, or mutual fund is not worrying about North Korea, or about what the smart money is doing, they are too busy playing golf or watching the Masters, not me I spend 12 hours a day pouring over SEC filings and calling my contacts on Wall Street and in the hedge fund industry to make money for you and to protect you!!!

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Will Meade

Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio