Buy The Stocks Of Trump Tower Guests


December 6, 2016, 4:30pm EST

As we’ve discussed the Trump administration has been very good for the broad stock market.  It’s been even better for certain industries, and certain stocks that have been drawn into the periphery of the administration.

Goldman Sachs has been well represented in the auditions for cabinet members.  And now we have an incoming Treasury Secretary with a Wall Street background as a partner at Goldman.  That stock is up 27% since November 8th.

Today, the President-elect met with the Japanese billionaire investor Masayoshi Son.  Over the past 35 years, Son has built one the largest and most powerful technology conglomerates in the world, a company called Softbank.  He told the new incoming President that he planned to invest $50 billion into U.S. companies behind Trump’s economic plan.

dec 6 trump

So what does Son own that could benefit from a good relationship with the Trump administration?  He owns the wireless carrier Sprint.  In fact, he (Softbank) owns more than 80% of the company.  No coincidence, Sprint was up 4% today on the news of his successful meeting.

Son is likely posturing put a Sprint/T-Nobile merger back on the table.  Sprint walked away from efforts to acquire T-Mobile in 2014 after it was clear it would be blocked under increased antitrust enforcement under the Obama administration.

The combined entity would slingshot a “Sprint/T-Mobile” into a three way horse race for first place in the wireless carrier industry.   Though the market is only valuing the combined entity at 15%, rather than one-third of the market. That makes both stocks potential doubles. We own Sprint in our Billionaire’s Portfolio.
dec 6 mkt sharej


The Obama administration had its winners and losers (among the winners, outright funding to Tesla, Solarcity … partnerships with Uber and Facebook).  Trump will as well.  Keeping an eye on who walks into Trump Tower seems to be a good clue.

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