I told you to Sell Apple ($AAPL) and Silver ($SLV) and Motley Fool and Insider Monkey copying me again


I have told you to sell Apple now for the last 4 weeks, I told you to sell your Silver ETF ($SLV), I am exhausted trying to save you money because you don’t listen.

Again Apple is a broken stock with poor relative strength, as witnessed by yesterdays huge decline, while the Nasdaq 100 dropped less than 1%, Apple dropped 3%. This is going to happen every time we have a down day in the markets, so on a day like today when there is some strength in Apple get out before the stock goes to the $350 $360 range. Moreover always wrong and perennial Apple Bull, Jim Cramer, is even telling you Apple is garbage, Cramer is now calling Apple the JC Penney of Technology.

Now Silver ($SLV), I told you two weeks ago was going to break down hard out of its triangle formation and it did, and the puts I bought and recommended are up more than 100%, so I made a 100% in less than 2 weeks not in 2 days LOL.

Now onto a major serious issue. As I have told you before plagiarism is rampant on the internet, here at The Billionaires Portfolio we have been ripped off multiple times by a website and company called Insider Monkey. First what a stupid name for an investment research company, I take investing seriously its not a joke to me, obviously to these people its funny.

Secondly Insider Monkey is run by a young girl with a journalism degree who has never ever worked or traded for a wall street firm or hedge fund, she has no experience to my knowledge in finance, she is a journalism bottom line. Now I have told you multiple times that my partner and I have over 25 years experience working on Wall Street and for major hedge funds. I have more than a decade of experience working for hedge funds, while my partner was a trader for one of the top Billion dollar global macro hedge funds in the world.

I am not saying this to say I am better than anyone, but I am trying to tell you that we know this business from experience, real world experience working for hedge funds, most of our competitors Motley Fool and Insider Monkey are writers with zero hedge fund experience.

Now Motley Fool, Motley Fool was founded by two brothers who were English majors, who again have zero investing experience, neither Gardner brother has ever worked for a wall street firm or hedge fund. Also Motley Fool hires 22 year old college grads with zero experience to write their articles. Their Apple analyst is 25 years old and was a former college baseball player from Playboy’s number one Party School Arizona State University. He has zero experience in investing or technology yet he is motley fools expert on Apple, and that should tell you plenty about this company.

My point is I cant stop these sites and companies from copying me (motley fool copied me on my apple article) but I can tell you how we differ from them. My partner and I have over 25 years of combined real experience on Wall Street and with Billion Dollar Hedge Funds, were economics majors and MBA’s. Our competitors are journalists and English majors who have never worked at a hedge fund, yet they want to tell you what hedge funds supposedly do.

Just think of it this way when you go to to the Doctor do you want to go to a foot doctor just out of medical school for your heart, or do you want to go to a heart specialist with 25 years of experience. Well here at Billionaires Portfolio, we are the heart specialist with 25 years experience.

Will Meade
Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio