Don’t follow Carl Icahn into Dell, make 50% in less than 6 weeks in another one of Carl Icahn’s Holdings


Carl Icahn has been making waves again this time with Dell ($DELL). Icahn is trying to get Dell to pay him or another suitor $15 a share for Dell, which is less than a 5% move from Dell’s current share price. This is great for Carl Icahn who has hundreds of millions of dollars invested in this deal, but honestly that is not the type of return most investors should be looking for in a stock.

In our premium subscription product, The Billionaires Portfolio, we piggybacked one of Carl Icahn’s Holdings, which i felt was the most undervalued and at the same time offered the best return potential of all the stocks Icahn owns, and it worked out perfectly. This stock which Icahn owns we recommended to our clients less than 2 months ago, and it is now up more than 50%. That’s a 50% return in less than 6 weeks.

Again this is what I do for every stock pick that I make in the Billionaires Portfolio, I go through hundreds of stocks that the worlds best billionaire investors and hedge funds own, and then only recommend the most undervalued stocks with the highest return potential.

Remember the most important thing I am doing is aligning myself with the world’s best Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds, people who have made billions of dollars of real money. Carl Icahn has returned over 25% a year over last 50 years, probably the greatest track record in investing history.

Will Meade
Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio