Early Signs Of A Bottom In Global Pessimism

Heading into today’s inflation data, the prospects of German 10-year government interest rates going negative had added to the heightened risk aversion in global markets.  And we’ve been talking this week about how markets are set up for a positive surprise on the inflation front, which could further support the mending of global confidence.

On cue, the euro zone inflation data this morning (the most important data point on inflation in the world right now) came in better than expected.  We know Europe, like Japan, is throwing the kitchen sink of extraordinary monetary policies at the economy in an effort to reverse economic stagnation and another steep fall into deflation.  And we know that the path forward in Europe, at this stage, will directly affect that path forward in the U.S. and global economy.  So, as we said in one of our notes last week, the world needs to see “green shoots” in Europe.

With the better euro zone inflation data today, we may be seeing the early signs of a bottom in this cycle of global pessimism and uncertainty. German yields are now trading double the levels of Monday.  And with that, U.S. yields have broken the downtrend of the month, as you can see in the chart below.

10 yr yield

Source: Billionaire’s Portfolio, Reuters

With that in mind, today we want to talk about how we can increase certainty in an uncertain world.  Aside from the all-important macro influences, even when you get the macro right, when your investing in stocks, you also have to get a lot of other things right, to avoid the landmines and extract something more than what the broad tide of the stock market gives you (which is about 8% annualized over the long term, and it comes with big drawdowns and a very bumpy road).

In our Billionaire’s Portfolio, we like to put the odds on our side as much as possible. We do so by following big, influential investors into stocks where they’ve already taken a huge stake in a company, and are wielding their influence and power to maximize the probability that they will exit with a nice profit.

This is the perfect time to join us in our Billionaire’s Portfolio.  We’ve discussed our simple analysis on why broader stocks can and should go much higher from here. You can revisit some of that analysis here.  In our current portfolio, we have stocks that are up. We have stocks that are down.  We have stocks that are relatively flat.  But they all have the potential to do multiples of what the broad market does.  And for depressed billionaire-owned stocks, a broad market rally and shift in economic sentiment should make these stocks perform like leveraged call options – importantly, without the time decay.   Join us here to get your portfolio in line with ours.