I went 15 for 16 in my NCAA Bracket including the Harvard Upset and my pick ($EGLE) is up 100% wow!


People should now understand the power of using statistical analysis in picking NCAA Brackets or in investing. As everyone knows in my top performing Billionaires Portfolio Service not only do I piggyback the world’s best Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds, but I also use my applied economics and statistics degree from Johns Hopkins University to pick which Billionaires stock picks will go up the most.

So I am proud to say not only can I pick NCAA brackets, almost perfectly I picked 15 of the 16 games correct including Harvard but also and more importantly my Billionaires Portfolio Service has had 4 stocks go up more than 100% in less than 6 months, and we only own 18 stocks in the portfolio.

Also as everyone knows about 2 weeks ago I talked about how I shipping stocks were breaking out and the best way to play this was to buy the most leveraged, volatile shipping stock Eagle Bulk Carriers, ($EGLE), (please see my post on 3.7.2013 on this) anyways Eagle ($EGLE) is up almost 100% in 2 weeks time, it is the number one performing stock on the NYSE out of 10,000 stocks. Basically using my quantitative analysis I picked the number 1 stock that went up the most out of 10,000 possible stocks on the NYSE as Eagle Bulk Carriers ($EGLE) is up almost 100% in the last 2 weeks.

Folks this isn’t luck, you don’t pick 94% of the NCAA tournament winners and the biggest upset in the tournament, and then pick stocks that go up more than 100%, its skill not luck I promise. I work very hard for you running models and doing my statistical analysis, and when you combine this with piggybacking the world’s best Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds stock picks its an extremely powerful and lucrative combination.

Will Meade
Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio