Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers Are Betting Big That Apple Will Pop 50% or More Over The Next Year


It’s not often that you get an opportunity to buy Apple stock, the world’s most widely held stock, at a discount. But given the broad market declines of the past month, Apple has given the world a nice dip to buy.

As the great billionaire investor Bill Ackman puts it, there are times when “high quality businesses can be purchased at a discount” due to investors that “overreact to negative short term corporate and macro factors.” With all of the skittishness about China and the Fed in recent weeks, nothing sounds more relevant to the moment.

But while Apple is a widely loved company and widely loved stock, at we only have interest when we get to invest alongside an influential billionaire investor, and only when there is a catalyst at work that can reprice a stock higher. Apple ticks those boxes, most notably with the very public presence of the greatest billionaire investor of all-time, Carl Icahn.

We know the power of the Icahn Effect on stocks, and he’s proven that in Apple. But additionally, we have three other top billionaire investors and hedge fund managers that initiated a new and significant position in Apple last quarter.

1) Billionaire hedge fund manager David Tepper initiated a new $315 million position in Apple last quarter. It’s now his third largest position representing almost 8% of his hedge fund. Tepper also said last week that Apple is “a cheap stock.”

2) Billionaire Barry Rosenstein, head of the activist hedge fund Jana Partners purchased $31 million in Apple call options last quarter, a highly leveraged bet that Apple will rebound by the end of the year.

3) Philippe Laffont, head of the $10 billion technology focused hedge fund Coatue Management, added 860,000 shares to his already huge Apple position. Apple is now Laffont’s biggest position, more than $1 billion dollars (or 10% of his fund’s assets). Laffont is former “tiger cub” and is considered one of the best technology stock pickers in the hedge fund world.

All three of these hedge fund managers paid a higher prices for their stock, as Apple traded between $120 and $133 last quarter. Today you can buy these billionaires on a dip – Apple sells for $116.

So what’s the catalyst?

Of course, today, the company rolls out new product, and a new phone upgrade plan that is said to result in more revenue and more profit per phone. This new iPhone leasing program should improve Apple’s margins which would value the company at a higher multiple and reprice the stock higher.

Barron’s quotes a top mutual fund manager that is targeting a 50% rise in Apple stock near term and $200-$250 in three to four years.

At, we follow the “best ideas” of the world’s top billionaire investors. You don’t have to be rich to take part. You don’t have to pay the hefty 2% management fee and 20% profit share to a hedge fund. You can follow the lead of powerful billionaire investors by simply buying the same stocks they do, in your own brokerage account.