Don’t Follow Billionaire Carl Icahn Into Apple (AAPL), Instead Buy This Other Icahn-Owned Stock

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn made news again this week, with an open letter to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. As most know, the “Icahn Effect” has been a powerful one for Apple shareholders. Since he first announced a stake in Apple in August of 2013, the stock has more than doubled. In fact, each time Icahn publicly talks about Apple, the stock tends to go up.

But this time, instead of following Icahn into Apple, there is a another Icahn-owned stock that offers more upside. Plus, it comes with an added bonus: You can buy it at a cheaper price than what Icahn paid for his shares.

Icahn initiated a position in Manitowoc (symbol MTW) in late 2014 at $20.03 a share. He then added to his position in early 2015 at $20.69 a share. The stock now sells for $19.75. So the world’s best investor just did all the work for you. By his actions, he’s telling us that he thinks Manitowoc is cheap at $20.40. And that’s almost a $1 more than where the stock trades today.

Icahn owns almost 8% of Manitowoc now. And in February the company agreed to Icahn’s demand to separate its two businesses into two different companies, one for its crane business and the other for its food service business. According to analysts, this separation will create value for shareholders and could reprice the stock to $30 a share — or 50% return from its share price today. In addition to the potential revaluation of MTW shares from the split of its business lines, MTW is cheap on its current valuation. The stock trades at just 14 times forward earnings.

So today, you can get an edge on the world’s best investor by buying Manitowoc at a cheaper price than he did. And he is working for you, as a vocal shareholder, to unlock potentially 50% more value in the stock. Not a bad deal. helps average investors invest alongside Wall Street billionaires. By selecting the best ideas from the best billionaire investors and hedge funds, our exited stock investment recommendations have averaged a 31% gain since 2012, beating even Carl Icahn’s record for the same period.

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