Part 2 of the Groundbreaking Study on Piggybacking Billionaire Investors


In my previous blog I just told you that if you would have piggybacked any Billionaire Activist Investor’s 13D Filing made between 2006-2012 you would have made a 20% return in less than a year. This 20% return is almost 5 times what the S&P 500 returned between 2006-2012 (The S&P 500 returned 4% a year between 2006-2012).

Yet even better, using the methodology that I employ in my Billionaires Portfolio, your average return would increase to an incredible 72% a year. So basically you can buy every stock from our incredible text alert service and you would make a nice profit of 20% or you can subscribe to my Billionaires Portfolio, and make 72% a year!!!!

To put this in perspective a $20,000 account would be worth more than $13 Million Dollars in just 12 years time using the methodology I use in The Billionaires Portfolio. Again by piggybacking the worlds best Billionaire Activist investors and Hedge Funds using the methodology I use in The Billionaire Portfolio would make you a multi millionaire!!!!

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Will Meade
Editor of The Billionaires Portfolio