Groundbreaking study by Billionaires Portfolio, on piggybacking Billionaire Activist Investors


I just finished one of the most extensive studies on Activist Billionaire Investors and Billionaire Hedge Funds ever done in the indsutry. I looked at every 13D Filing (when an investor reports a 5% or more ownership in a stock) that was made by an Billionaire Activist Investor. Remember an Activist Investor is an investor or hedge fund that states in writing or verbally that he/she wants to change something with the company that he/she filed the 13D on (examples of this are: when the Billionaire investor states that he wants the company to sell itself, force the top management out, or force the company to sell some assets or patents).

There were 385 Activist 13D Filings filed between 2006 through 2012, and the average return on each 13D filing was an incredible 20% a year versus 4% a year in the S&P 500 during the same period.

What this means is that if you would have piggybacked any Activist Billionaire who made a 13D Filing between 2006-2012, you would have made a 20% return in less than a year.

Again just by piggybacking any random 13D Filing made by a Billionaire Activist Investor over the last 7 years, would have netted you a 20% return in a one year period.

This is an amazing statistic since you would have crushed the stock market by 16% percent a year over the last 7 years by just simply piggybacking an Activist Billionaire Investor’s 13D Filing.

So how do you know when an Activist Billionaire Investor or Hedge Fund files a 13D, easy, you sign up for our real time text alerts service at

Our text alert service is the only real time alert system that focuses exclusively on Activist Billionaire Hedge Funds or Investors that have filed 13D’s. Our staff combs through hundreds of 13D filings filed each month, and only picks out the 13D Filings made by Activist Billionaire Hedge Funds and Investors, all in real time.

Will Meade
Editor of The Billionaires Portfolio