More Fallout from Barrons stealing my article on Bed Bath and Beyond ($BBBY)


I just received some nice comments from a reporter who has worked at some of the biggest publications in the world The New York Times and Fortune. This reporter said that it absolutely looked like the Barrons writer, Andrew Bary, stole my idea about Buffett buying Bed Bath and Beyond on this blog a month ago.

Again this shows you the power of the Billionaires Portfolio, when you piggyback the stock picks of the world’s best Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds you are always early to the party. You will always catch stocks well before the analyst’s on wall street or the mainstream media write about them, this is why this is such a valuable service.

Another example I will share with you, I recommended a $5 Financial stock that is actually a member of the S&P 500 to my subscribers in late September of 2012, this stock has already doubled and Barrons just recently featured this stock in their publication at a 100% higher price than what my subscribers paid for the same stock.

Will Meade
Editor of The Billionaires Portfolio