The Billionaires Secret, the Options Strangle


Imagine this scenario, an investing strategy where you can double or triple your money in less than 2 months, and you can implement this strategy for as little as a $150 investment furthermore this strategy profits regardless of where the stock moves or where the overall market goes, sound interesting?

Well this type of strategy is called a Options Strangle. An Options Strangle is an options strategy that allows the investor to gain on significant moves either up or down in a stock’s price it consists of buying an equal number of call and put options with the same expiration date but with different strike prices.
Basically its a really cheap way to make a lot of money in a stock that is probably going to move significantly up or down in the next couple of months.

The secret to making huge returns on Option Strangles is to use volatile stocks or stocks that move on news, and the best type of stocks for this are Biotech stocks. I have two juicy Biotech straddle trades that you can invest for as little as $150, and both of these could triple or go up 300% in less than two months.

Again Remember the great thing about option strangles is they are cheap, my new biotech strangle trade costs only $150, and it can make you more than 300% in less than two months.

Why is this a Billionaires Strategy? because Goldman Sachs uses the Options Strangle Strategy exclusively for their clients, and to be client of Goldman Sachs exclusive trading research you have to have a minimum net worth of $25 Million!!!!

So To find out more about this Billionaires secret the options strangle, and the exact biotech options strangle trade I am talking about email me at

Will Meade
Editor of The Billionaires Portfolio