Barrons Steals my idea on Bed Bath and Beyond ($BBBY), thats how good I am


Folks you wont believe this, one of the featured writers, Andrew Bary, in Barron’s this weekend stole my idea from this blog..

Here is Andrew Bary’s article that he wrote last weekend on 3/09/13

Now remember on this Blog, I wrote and article on 2/14/2013, a month previous to the Barron’s Article,

H.J. Heinz Company (HNZ): The Simple Formula That Warren Buffett Uses To Pick Stocks

Where I said the most likely acquisition target for Warren Buffett would be Bed Bath and Beyond ($BBBY).

Well guess what Mr. Bary, this weekend in Barrons, titled his piece a month after mine: “Could Bed Bath and Beyond be Buffett Bait”..

Gee sound familiar.. Isn’t amazing that one of the biggest and most powerful financial publications in the world has to get their ideas from my blog..

I guess I should be flattered.. I know I am good but wow I didn’t realize I was so good that Barron’s and their ivy league Wall Street writers would copy my ideas from

Will Meade
Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio.