I am telling you again on $AAPL


I am telling you for the fourth time on this blog, please stop trying to bottom fish Apple ($APPL). Apple will not bottom as I have told you till $350. Every analyst and Wall Street hack has lost money on this stock because they think investing is easy, they think all you do is buy a great stock when it’s down in price. Guess what if it was that easy everyone would make money in the market and mutual funds would beat the market.

As you know 90% of all mutual funds over a 5 year period underperform the market, and most investors 99% underperform the market. Investing is hard trust me, there are the most brilliant people in the world that are professionals that get paid to invest in the market. They went to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, they have perfect SAT’s, trust me its a hard game and a competitive game.

So stop thinking Apple ($APPL) is a buy, its a sell its going to $350, especially when the worst guru in the business Dennis Gartman goes on CNBC, and says he is buying Apple.

Dennis Gartman is a failure, He could not raise money for a hedge fund, he is not a genius, he is and he is usually wrong on his market calls. So for the last time stop trying to bottom fish Apple ($AAPL), and make money the easy way by piggy backing the world’s best Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds, at www.billionairesportfolio.com.

Will Meade
Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio