Throw Barrons in the Trash, and Follow Billionaires Stock Picks ($GRPN)


Everyone in the media from Barrons to CNBC has been calling for a top and of course everyone is wrong. I have an issue from Barrons, the stock brokers rag mag, from last month that has at least three different articles about how stocks have topped, and how you should buy puts to protect your portfolio.

Well here we are a month later and the Dow just made a record high ($DIA) and those puts Barrons told you to buy they are worthless. This is a great lesson in why you should never listen to the mainstream news or so called TV Pundits. No one can time the market, and momentum is a very strong force that can carry the markets for a long time in one straight direction.

So if you want to dip your toes back into stocks but are scared, buy stocks where you get an edge, and those are stocks owned by Billionaire Activists investors, people who impose their will on companies and force them to create instant shareholder value.

An example of this has been Groupon ($GRPN), Tiger Global, one of the top Billionaire Hedge Funds in the world acquired nearly 10% of this stock last quarter, and recently forced out the company’s CEO. Well Groupon ($GRPN) is up over 50% since the Billionaire Hedge Fund Tiger Global acquired their stock, and its up over 30% in just 4 days since Tiger forced the company’s CEO out. That’s right Groupon ($GRPN) is up over 30% in just 4 days…

So again please ignore the media, Barrons, CNBC, and also stop trying to buy your personal favorite stocks like Facebook ($FB) and Apple ($APPL) and buy stocks that Activist Billionaires are buying, because they will make you rich regardless of what is going in the economy or market.

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Will Meade
Editor of The Billionaires Portfolio