The Secret of how to become a Billionaire


Great Article from Bloomberg today,, on Billioniare Activist investor Mark Rachesky.

Some Key Points from this article on The Billionaire Activist Investor Mark Rachesky:

1) Rachesky has a degree in molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania, and has both an MBA and MD from Stanford University as well. WOW!!!

2) Rachesky is a so called Activist Investor, which the article defines as “They dont buy a stock, dial into a earnings call and hope for the best, they take a stake and angle for control” This is a Great summary of how Activist Investors are different from mutual funds, and why we like to follow activists at The Billionaires Portfolio.

3) Rachesky has returned 20% annualized in his hedge fund since 1998 versus a 4.5% annualized return in the S&P 500 during the same period, even more impressive, of Rachesky’s 43 major investments (where he controls 5% or more of a company), 39 have been profitable or 93% of all his major investments since 1998 have made money. This might be the greatest batting average I have ever seen from an investor.

Bottom Line: Billionaire Activist Investors dont lose, 93% of Rachesky’s Investments have been profitable and he consistently produced huge market beating returns for over 16 years. So why are you not following his stock picks? To learn more how you can piggyback off the world’s gretest Billionaire Activist Investors, go to the

Will Meade
Editor of The Billionaires Portfolio