I told you the World’s Best Billionaire Investors and Hedge funds sold Apple ($APPL)


Why Didnt you listen? I told you in countless posts on this blog at least three different times not to buy Apple ($APPL). Let me summarize again:

1) Almost all of the World’s Best Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers and Investors sold their entire Apple ($AAPL) position over the last three months. Furthermore many of the hedge fund managers I talked to were selling Apple ($AAPL) short and even buying puts on Apple (find out more about buying puts on Apple ($APPL)in my upcoming Billionaires Options Trader).

2) David Einhorn is not an activist investor, he owns barely 1% of Apple’s stock and therefore has zero control over the company or its managment, hence as I told you that Einhorn and his stupid lawsuit would have no effect on the stock price of Apple ($AAPL).

3) Apple ($AAPL) is a value stock that pays a nice dividend, it is not a growth stock, Hedge Funds and Billionaires did not get rich buying low growth dividend stocks, leave that to the mutual funds, they love buying low growth value stocks that return 6% a year. Just ask mutual fund manager Bill “over the hill” Miller of Legg Mason, who has been telling you to buy Apple since $550, he has destroyed more investors wealth than taxes.

4) Apple ($AAPL) is in a serious downtrend, never buy a stock in a downtrend, its too risky.

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Will Meade
Editor of The Billioniares Portfolio