The Billionaires Leveraged ETF Trader


As many of you know I run my own consulting firm where I follow and track the World’s best Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds. I have a database of over 500 of the Top Hedge Funds and Billionaire Investors that I maintain and update on a daily basis.

More Importantly at least 3 times a week I talk with a Portfolio Manager or Trader, and in some cases a Billionaire Investor about their current investment strategies and how they are investing their portfolio. From this I gain an amazing insight into not only what stocks these Billioniare Investors and Hedge Funds are buying and Selling, but also what their Asset Allocation is: meaning are they net long stocks, are they net short stocks, are they buying treasuries or commodities (such as gold and oil), or are they playing it safe and holding cash.

Its an amazing information source, these Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers, and I pick up many common trends and investment themes that I can use to profit with in the markets.

More Importantly I have learned that you can trade these investment trends and themes very profitably using leveraged ETF’s. I actually made 50% in 4 weeks buying a leveraged ETF from the information I learned from these Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers.

Here was the actual trade, basically over the last month from my discussions with Portfolio Managers at Hedge Funds I learned that every single Hedge Fund Manager I talked to was liquidating their Precious Metals Positions (they were selling almmost all of their gold and silver holdings) ($GLD, $SLV) and gold and silver stocks ($GDX) and many of the managers were even going short Silver, Gold and precious metals stocks as well ($ZSL, $GLL, $DUST)

So from this information I purchased the Direxion 3 Leveraged Inverse Gold and Silver Miners ETF ($DUST) this ETF effectively sells silver and gold stocks short at 3 times leverage. It is the most cost effective and profitable way to short Gold and Silver stocks. I purchased this position on Jan 30 at $38.10 and today the price of this 3 times Short Gold and Silver Miners ETF is currently over $56. That is a profit of over 50% in a month.

So my question to my audience is: Would you be interested in a premium trading service that uses leveraged ETFs to piggyback off the investment moves of the World’s Greatest Billionaire Hedge Funds and Investors?

Please let me know at, I would love to hear from you either way.

Will Meade
The Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio